We're design and technology ideas company.

Doing Our Best, We Make our Clients Happy


Since 2012 we have shaped digital experiences at every touch point. We are storytellers, designers, technologists, writers, and builders.

With design and technologybased strategies, we are here to help visionary companies make the most out of their ideas and transform how they work.

What we do

Digital Product Design & Development

We seek innovative design solutions upon cutting-edge technology that initiate new market and increase value.

  • We observe client’s business and consider practical and flexible approach to create new value.
  • Our team collaborate with clients and business partners to satisfy client’s needs.
  • Product development is directed in accord with the lifecycle and continuous delivery.
  • We help build velocity by augmenting client teams.


Team & Process Design

We transform company cultures, values, and process to ensure the continuous growth.

  • We look for new opportunities and creative approach for our design and technology teams.
  • We provide the tools and processes which allow new cultures to thrive
  • We create cross-functional thinking and action.
  • We establish standards in evaluating success.


How We’re Different

Plan as You Go

There are unforeseen business opportunities, so we set small, but ambitious goals which we can concentrate one at a time, like a focused experiments. Our strategy for working towards each goal is its prior results. Unlike, the scoped solutions, this strategy bring us closer to the best solutions, and prompt us to take action quickly.

Double-check Every Step

During creating technology and building our team, we set up goals for and evaluate results from small experimental phase so we can tweak on the go.

Always Team Up

At Fi Media Labs, we believe that the key to success is open-endedness, free-thinking and experimental atmosphere. We promote our staffs to work together with clients and business partners by sending them to their offices or invite them to join us at ours.

Prioritize ‘Business Ecosystem’

A product experience cannot solely depend on a single piece of technology. In fact, it is the entire value chain of business that sustains a company, and interconnects with customers and business. As we understood the nature of the value chain, we come up with integrated solution

Efficiency is a must

We are mastered at the finding the correct proportion of size, agility, and effectiveness so the exact amount of resources will be effectively applied. We always look for the best and fastest way to succeed to the next step.